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6 Different Keys To Unlock The Career Door Of CNA Schools!

Every lock has a key but the academic door of the CNA schools requires 6 different metaphorical keys to be unlocked. Now, by the term “metaphorical keys”, I presume, you get the idea that I am referring to the enrollment requirements of the CNA training schools, which, for your kind inspection, have been outlined below in depth.

6 Different Keys To Unlock The Career Door Of CNA Schools 6 Different Keys To Unlock The Career Door Of CNA Schools! # What Are The Pre-Requisites For Enrolling At CNA Programs?

1. High School Diploma or GED Certificate Is The Major Enrollment Requirement!

It’s a known fact that most career level educations can only be gained after the completion of one’s high school education; well, the nursing schools also comply with this tradition.

In other words, the gates of CNA certification schools would only open to those persons, who have successfully gained their high-school diploma or posses the GED certificate.

2. Applicants Must Be of Minimum 18 Years of Age (In Most States) To Gain Enrollment!

From the given sub-headline of this paragraph, it is clear to everyone that CNA training classes are meant only for the 18 years old applicants, however, some states like California, Tennessee, Utah, etc. do allow 16 years old to enroll at CNA programs.

But even if you complete nursing assistant training at 16, you would have to wait to be 18 in order to become eligible for state CNA certification/licensing.

3. Submit a Fresh Medical Report Stating A Positive Review On Your Physical Health!

Ever heard of a sick person taking caring of another sick person? Not Likely! So it’s not surprising to find “good physical health” as another pre-requisite for joining CNA training programs.

To be more specific, you have to undergo medical checkup (as well as take current immunizations) against communicable diseases; a T.B. skin test is a must.

4. Applicants Must Be Mentally Sound; Otherwise, Only Mental Hospitals Would Enroll Them!

CNA schools only train the mentally stable persons, and for good reason too, since a mentally ill person, rather than providing professional nursing care, might (accidentally or intentionally; there’s no knowing!) harm the patients.

Hence, only those people, who are confident of being mentally stable, should apply for enrollment at CNA training programs.

5. Clean Criminal Background; Applicants Guilty of Felonies/Crimes May Not Be Enrolled!

When signing for CNA programs, you are also expected to submit your fingerprints as well as a copy of your social security credit for a criminal background check, which have to be clean or, rather say, devoid of violence, felonies and drug abuses.

6. Pass A Comprehensive English Test To Verify Basic Oral & Written English Knowledge!

As an additional entrance requirement, most CNA schools also have the tendency to subject the applicants to a Comprehensive English test, which, as the name itself tells, is designed to evaluate the applicant’s knowledge of the English language. After all, English is the official language of the world, and therefore the language of choice to communicate with patients of varied origins.


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