Tips for Getting Jobs as CNA

After completing the CNA programs and obtaining a working license, the next step to start your career would be getting a job, preferably according to your choice. There are many options available for nursing assistant to work in like hospitals, nursing homes, long term health care facilities, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, mental care homes, and doctors’ office and so on. Out of these options, your career would be best shaped by working in those facilities that offer dynamic work roles and a variety of departments to work in. Hospitals and nursing homes can be good options for the right start of career. Thus, with this article you will find tips on finding a matching job.


Before starting your job hunt, you need to shortlist some of the hospitals and nursing homes with vacant job positions around your locality. You may choose to migrate to any other locations within your state however working in a facility near to your home helps you to get employed at the most favoring convenience.

After the short listing job prepare your resume that demonstrates your qualification, experiences and qualities. You may seek assistance from consultancies specialized to make an appealing resume. The internet can also be an option to help you to make an appealing resume. With the preparation of resume, you need to conduct a research on the rules, regulations, motto, objectives, goals, missions, facilities and nature of the shortlisted institutions. This will help you to write a tempting job application.


Based on your research, you need to write a job application letter that is able to give you a desired break through. The job application should be free of grammatical and spelling errors and should present a summary of all of you academic and non-academic achievement. In addition to that, you need to present all the practices and achievement done during your CNA practical hands-on training sessions. You also need to show a commitment to the goals and missions of the organization. Moreover, the job application showing your ability to handle the work related stress and additional humane qualities will work to get shortlisted.


The last step to get a job is to appear an interview after your job-application and resume cracks the way out for you. The interview is the most used method for hiring of employees. However, some institutions also require their prospective employees to go through the written test. Thus you need to be prepared for both. While preparing, you need to revise all the components covered during your training. You should be courteous, soft-spoken but be straight forward and confident while appearing both written test and the interview. For getting best results in interview, you can practice mock interview at your home, being in front of a mirror or asking someone to take your mock interview. This will help you to guess the probable questions and to prepare the best answers accordingly.

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The successful candidates from the job interview and all the process can sign the contract with employers for their starting job of the career. But, all CNAs need demonstrate a continuous work dedication to enjoy a steady career.

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