Licensing Requirements for CNAs

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) – also known as certified nursing aides- need to have a working license for making them eligible to practice their career in healthcare industries. License is not a mandatory requirement to get a job as a nursing assistant, once you have successfully completed the training program and have a certificate for completion of the program; however employers prefer those assistants having a working license.

For candidates looking to obtain a working license require to sit and pass the certification exams conducted and regulated by state authorities. The minimum eligibility for candidate to attend such exams is the completion of 75 hours of classes comprising both theoretical and practical sessions. Beside this, the state authorities may also have some other requirements, information on which can be obtained by contacting the Nursing Board of the respective state.

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The certification exams for obtaining working license as a CNA involves exams for both the theoretical and practical components of the training program course. The test is conducted in written as well as oral form which is objected to test the academic knowledge of students and their working skills and proficiency on professional performance skills. The test includes the subjective and hands-on skill and knowledge mapping on subject like patient hygiene and nutrition, disease and infection control, therapies including rehabilitative therapy process, specialized nursing like mental health nursing, medical ethics, taking vital signs and communication skills.

As mentioned earlier, the other requirements for licensing process depend upon the state set rules and regulations; however the proficiency in English in both written and spoken components is must for every candidate. Additionally, candidates are required to have no felonies or immoral character for which a background finger test is conducted. Moreover, candidates are required to be 18 years or above to attend the certification examinations and the same requirement may be asked to meet while enrolling in CNA training programs.

After meeting the above mentioned requirement and passing the certification exams makes CNAs to obtain a license. The license thus obtained should be renewed in every two years. The attainment of licensure helps the nursing assistant to enjoy as steady career without any obstacles. However, in the case of relocation to another state the nursing assistants need to obtain a license valid for the respective state.

The nursing assistants having license can enjoy other benefits as because the employers prefer those having a working license. But at the same time honesty and continuous work dedication are equally important to enjoy a rewarding career as a CNA.

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