Discussion on Salary and Benefits for CNAs

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is a stepping stone or an entry point to the highly respected nursing profession. Many higher nursing professionals such as RNs and LPNs are found to be having their career started as a nursing assistant. Furthermore, the career of a nursing assistant itself is regarded as career with good pay with other additional benefits. Comparing the investment of time and money to be done for pursuing the nursing assistant training programs, it is more than worth to have career as a nursing assistant.

The average starting salary for CNAs ranges between 30,000 USD to 40,000 USD per year depending upon the work setting and location they are employed in. The pay scales also largely depend upon the rules and regulation of the employer institution; however the above mentioned figure denotes the national average. Among all the work setting the hospitals are regarded as the highest payers and most of the nursing assistants are found to preferring to work in hospitals. Nevertheless, other facilities are also not that bad payers for the amount of duties and responsibilities required to be performed by the nursing assistants.

cna salary Discussion on Salary and Benefits for CNAs

The experience is valued in the career as nursing assistant as all other careers. The more you gain experience, the more you will be eligible for pay scale and other benefits. Needless to say, the salary and benefits depend upon the employer’s rules and regulations. But regardless of any rule, the experienced people are to be valued more than starters.

The salary ranges also varies from one location to another. The states with high income level such as CA pay their CNAs more than states like Texas. In addition to that the big cities like New York City are one of the highest payers to CNAs. In the same row, the nursing assistants working in contract also enjoy good salary range.

The career as CNA is attractive if you look the overall national average figure. However it is equally important to be a good nursing assistant to enjoy the salary and other benefits. By good nursing assistant, I meant the nursing assistants who are dedicated to their work with high working motivation and sense of responsibility. Every nursing assistant must understand that even a minor mistake on work performance can be fatal to the lives of patients, thus sharp focus and concentration is needed. I wish you luck to become a good CNA for enjoying a happy career.

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