CNA Schools: Parameters to Choose a Good One

There are certain factors that determine the quality of a CNA school. This article tells you about those factors to help you find good CNA schools.

CNA is one of the most popular careers today due to its good job prospects and short and easy training. Because of the demand of CNAs, CNA schools have been rapidly mushrooming all over the country. As there are a huge number of CNA schools, it is important to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones. There are many parameters on the basis of which CNA schools are judged. Those parameters are mentioned below and described.

  • Accreditation and Reputation:

Accreditation is the first thing you should search in a CNA school. If the school is not certified, you will not be able to sit for the certification exams. Finding a job is also difficult. Additionally, certified schools are certified because they have certain factors that make a CNA school a good CN one. Hence, certification itself is a testimony to the good quality of the school. You should also check the reputation of the school. It is not important to go to a reputed school. But if you go to a reputed one, you are on the safe side. Thus, only go to a certified school.

CNA Schools CNA Schools: Parameters to Choose a Good One

  • Location:

For your convenience, you will want to go to a CNA school near your home. And good schools should be located in silent areas where the students can fully concentrate in studies.


  • Teacher- Student Ratio and class’s size:

It is important for every student to have the teacher’s attention. But if you go to school that has a large teacher- student ratio, teachers will not be able to pay attention to every student. Hence, go to a school with a moderate student teacher ratio. Also, the smaller the size of the class, the more each student will be focused.


  • Clinical training:

CNA is a job that needs more of clinical training than theoretical knowledge. Hence, you should see if the school provides adequate clinical training or not. You will also like to inquire about the laboratory equipment’s to see if they are enough or not.


  • CNA certification pass rates:

You can find these rates on the website of the school or somewhere else on the internet. Or you can also ask the school. The main aim of CNA schools is to get their students through the CNA certification exams. Therefore, a good CNA school obviously should have high pass rates. Hence, you should go to a CNA school with considerably good pass rates.


  • Costs:

It is not important for a good school to be expensive. You can also find good training at lower costs. And CNA trainings are mostly available free of cost. So you would like to try to find free CNA classes. If not don’t go to a very expensive CNA school. Paying too much for CNA training makes no sense.


  • Scholarships:

Those CNA schools that don’t offer free CNA classes may offer scholarships. You should go to a school that offers scholarship schemes. Make sure to ask about the scholarships you qualify based on either your needs or merits.


  • Affiliations:

If you go to a school affiliated with hospitals, the school itself is likely to offer you job placements. Therefore you should prefer to go to such schools.

These are the parameters that qualify CNA schools. But we strongly recommend you to personally visit the school. If you personally see the school, you will know the ‘feel’ of the school. And consequently you yourself will know whether you want to attend the particular school or not. Research well because your training matters for you to perform well as a CNA. Well trained CNAs are more confident about their duties and hence perform better. Apart from the school, it is equally important for you to study well. Because at the end of the day, you are the one solely responsible for your career. And passing CNA certification exams are not as easy as it seems. So, study hard and you will have a wonderful career.

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