Red Cross CNA Training Programs Requirements

The popularity of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is increasing among many fresh high school diploma holders and even among the adults who are seeking to enter the nursing field as a nursing assistant. In fact, career as a certified nursing assistant is an entry point for the prestigious nursing career as it opens many ways for advancing career. Many RNs or LPNs are found to have their career begun as a nursing assistant. However, the institution you choose to pursue nursing assistant training program play an important role in shaping your career. There are various kinds of institutions, medical education organizations, vocational schools, community colleges and even larger universities that provide training programs to become a certified nursing assistant. Among all these options, the Red Cross Training Program is the most trusted and reputed training program. In this article we will deal with the requirements to enroll in Red Cross Training Program.

The prospective CNAs must be at least 18 years of age or above to be qualified for enrolling in a Red Cross Training Program. The aspirant must possess a high school diploma or a GED for enrolling in the training program. Additionally, the aspirant must not have convicted of a felony for at least seven years prior to participation with good legal track record. Also, the aspirants are needed to be free from all kinds of communicable diseases and must not be pregnant.

The Red Cross training programs do not discriminate the candidates wanting to enroll themselves. However, the candidates having any kind of disabilities or medical conditions may have to consult their physicians to verify that the disabilities or medical conditions they have would not be a cause to hinder the completion of program. During practical sessions, students are required to demonstrate and practice a number of duties including relocation of beds and patients. Thus, during such performance the disability may hinder the performance. However, a law passed on Jan 1, 2012 prevents healthcare professionals, including CNAs from being forced to do heavy lifting jobs and in case of such duties, they are required to be assisted by lifting devices or other support staffs in all kinds of healthcare facilities.

The Red Cross CNA Training Programs are regarded as the strictest among all. The students are expected to be on time and not allowed to miss or become absent for six hours or more of the total learning hours. In case of any insurgencies or difficult conditions causing to miss the class time are required to complete the classes later under the consultation of the instructor or management staff members. Additionally it is mandatory for all students to pass all the test with minimum of 80 percent in average.

Upon completion of program, all students are required to pass both theoretical and practical examinations in order to receive a program completion certificate. The student then can sit and pass the certification exams regulated by state authorities to attain a working license.

The requirements for CNA training programs offered by Red Cross are seem to be difficult but all of the requirements are set to make the student able to perform the best at their job. The hard work they do during courses make them easy to go ahead with the career and other advancement options.

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