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The Tasks Of A CNA

Are you curious to learn about the daily tasks of a CNA? Well I’m about to provide you the list that I’ve collected from many different CNA’s. Now to start off many of the described tasks below are only for those of you who gain the nursing position in a hospital but I will also try to combine it with a mix of small clinic experiences as well.


To start off during the morning you will always be assigned the same task, which is to help prepare breakfast and any medical medicine needed for the patient. After this you are given a list of where you are to walk to and whom you are required to check up on. If you’re not given this task then you will most likely given the task to take a medical procedure to check if the patient is in good condition. If there is a problem and you catch it you must contact the doctor in the hospital immediately and while the doctor arrives you are to follow some instructions you learn about during your training. After everything is secure and all the patients have received their food and medication you are able to escort them to a living room. This only applies if they are in a hospital and sometimes in clinics. Although you aren’t mandatory to escort them this is only if they ask for this. Most of the time this is the case because imagine who wouldn’t be tired of being in a room with a small T.V and no one around. The last morning task would be to make the patients bed and be sure he took the medication.

Work Schedules

The work schedule you are given depends on many key points such as number of patients, hours you’re given to work, time of day etc. I’m going to explain how your schedule though out the day might play out as. Well during the day there isn’t much to do so instead you might be required to watch the patients and attend to anything they might need. After a while this can turn into something a bit stressing or boring depending on what the patient requires. But there are many ways to make the job fun you will always find one patient who stands out from the rest and is willing to tell you so much of his interesting life. Don’t keep a closed mind and listen you will find that it gets very interesting after a while.

End Of The Day

During the end of your working hours you are given some documents to fill out for patient information and sometimes even injury papers if there were any problems. This is basically the daily routine you will go through.
Yes I know it may not sound so interesting but there are so many ways to make it more fun or even honorable remember you are helping people in need who if it wasn’t for you they might be stuck with other rude doctors or people who don’t know that much about medical treatment. It’s not only a job but also a duty to help the sick and injured always keep this in mind.
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