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Characteristics You Will Need In Becoming A Nurse

If your planning to become CNA then you will first need check if you have all the main characteristics you will need in order to succeed in this job. We have many new CNA’s joining the work force but many are interested only in the money and to be honest if this is your only goal then you might face some stress along the way. Just as in any other profession if you don’t enjoy your job then you will face many challenges a long the way. But if you enjoy your job then you will not only improve in your learning but also gain a higher position to earn more. Going back to the characteristics you will need below are a few I’ve collected from some CNA’s themselves.

Learning To Adapt

A key element to being a CNA is being able to adapt to the different environments. There are situations where you are switched from being in charge of taking care of adults to children or even both depending on where you are working. This type of situation will require you adapt to being around children as to being around adults. This may not seem as such a challenge but in the long run if your not able to surround yourself with both you might only be able to attend one age group which may affect you in your weekly income.

The Passion

If you don’t have a passion for this job I don’t recommend you join it because you might be very stressed not only by the daily tasks you are given but also by what you are required to do daily as far as paper work goes. There is a lot of paper work required to be filled at the end and during the job so if you don’t find a passion for thinking about patients and how you need to get everything done then this will be very stressing. I’m not trying to make you feel nervous or not have the desire to join the work force but this is the reality of many who join this job. Depending on what position you are given you will be assigned different tasks and if you don’t enjoy working with many different people you will as I said before face many challenges.


This characteristic is a must in order to be a CNA if your not patient many of the people you attend to will get you annoyed or cause your stress to build up. In many cases the patients can be a bit rude at times and this is where you must set everything aside and stay calm so you not only help the work needed get done but to keep your job. If you ever face any major stress use this as a way to decrease your anger when dealing with rude people.

Overall it takes the characteristics of a person who loves to help to join this job. Many might not know this but if you ever visit your local hospital you will find some very happy CNA’s and some not so much the difference? Well just go over the characteristics above and I’m sure you will find why. If your still up for the job and believe you are ready go ahead and stay focused I’m sure you will earn a position.
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