The Normal Job Duties and Responsibilities of a CNA

Everyone aspiring to start career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) should know about the duties and responsibilities of s/he needs to perform on daily basis. This may sound strange may be asking something like having an experience certificate without joining a job, but it is always a wise idea to know about the duties and responsibilities prior joining the job. In this course of letting you gain knowledge on these very issues, I present some points that would help, as I believe, to understand about job duties of a nursing assistant.

Being a nursing assistant, in fact, asks you to perform a lot of work responsibilities. You as a nursing assistant would be working under supervision of a register nurse or licensed practical nurse, but at the same time doing lot of work under minimum supervision of any other higher medical staffs. The primary duty of CNAs is, as mentioned earlier, to provide basic nursing care which includes the following points:

The Normal Job Duties and Responsibilities of a CNA The Normal Job Duties and Responsibilities of a CNA

  • Helping patients do their washing;
  • Changing their attire;
  • Feeding them;
  • Helping them maintain their private hygiene;
  • Helping them relocating.

The above mentioned points fall under the basic nursing care, and the list doesn’t stop here. Being an ‘assistant’ they also need to help the higher medical staffs or nurse in charge in medical procedures. Thus, CNAs are also required to undertake following medical duties:

  • Helping patients rehabilitate;
  • Measuring Vital signs and reporting them periodically;
  • Collecting examples for examination;
  • Helping patients to take food and medication;
  • Preparing patients for further medical treatments.


Apart from the regular duties mentioned above CNAs, being close to patients, also require to provide social and emotional support to them. By social and emotional support I mean all the support and motivation that can help them to regain their lost confidence on healing. For this, nursing assistants require to be courteous and supportive with their communication, behavior and attitude. A healthcare facility can have variety of patients ranging from children to bedridden elderly people. In such cases, nursing assistants should be very concerned to behave accordingly.

For each work mentioned above nursing assistants need to have a great zeal towards their work and seek help from good CNA classes. Sense of compassion and helpfulness are the most important traits for a nursing assistant to have. Working in chaotic environment is not that easy thus only self motivated candidates having enduring work passion and motivation can enjoy career as a CNA.

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